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4 Comments on "Keep it fresh with our Herb Preserve Stash Jar Review"

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I personally love the glass screw top jars because they look sexy when they are filled with buds ;). For me, all jars must have a rubber seal to be somehow airtight so that I can also store kief or if I’ve grinded to much in a sitting.


Totally! It would be very nice to have multiple strains on hand for a rainy day. When I have the disposable cash I'll certainly be picking up a variety of stock and a couple of jars. Until then my cheap tins will be housing the goods in an efficient but poverty-stricken style.


Great for future reference but I (and most of the ents I know) rotate the herb stash at a rate that I don't think a premium jar would make any difference. I'll never have the same herbs for more than a month or so. This makes me believe that my ultra-cheap aluminium tins will suffice (at least given my current situation). I'll keep these in mind though!


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