Vaporbrothers Mini Hydrator Review


…designed to provide cooling vapor mist when used with a vaporizer.


The Vaporbrothers Mini Hydrator is a USA made water filtration device created by the designers of the Original ceramic heated, Vaporbrothers Vaporizer. The product quality is noteworthy and should be considered by someone interested in adding water diffusion/cooling to their existing system… And in these respects, the Mini Hydrator delivers!

Before we begin the review I would like to emphasize, while this product was designed by Vaporbrothers their hydrator may be used with other brand vaporizers. The included H2O adapter should easily fit to most whips / WPAs.


  • The Mini Hydrator stands at 7 ¼” from base to the mouth stem.
  • The Mini Hydrator stands at about 3 ¾” from the base to the recessed female downstem.
  • The Mini Hydrator also include a Male 14mm H2O Adapter for your existing vaporizer whip. Their website offers the following base to H2O Adapter measurement: 4 ⅞”
  • The H2O adapter measures ¼” across(diameter). Where a whip diameter larger than ¼” would leave a space and require customization.
  • Downstem Size: 14mm
  • Weight: 5.89 oz w/o H2O adapter & 6.34 oz w/ H2O adapter

Product Details

  • The entire unit is one solid piece of glass. With exception to the H2O (whip adapter) there are no removable parts.
  • Research indicates they use Dewaar downstem for the mini hydrator.
  • The newest version of the Mini Hydrator features 7 diffusion holes (up from 5).
  • Pyrex-type borosilicate glass used.

USA made heavywall glass (50×3.5mm); brand name Schott glass. 

Vaporbrothers Mini Hydrator (H20 Adapter)


  • Visually the piece likens more to the glass aficionado, with a sciencey feel.
  • The curved mouth stem helps reduce the size of the hydrator and gives it a more compact size. The curve shape also improves on the hydrators overall aesthetics.
  • Since the system is one solid glass unit, there does appear to be some cleaning issue but nothing of major concern. Oil reclaim won’t be easy in the Mini as it is in their larger models(with detachable mouth stems).
  • The front of the hydrator has the Vaporbrothers logo prominently etched in the glass. This can be a positive or negative, but for me it’s a warm reminder of the Vaporbrother quality. I like that it’s not a painted logo, but instead carved into the glass.
  • When comparing something of this scale to other water filtration methods I want to point out the low amount of drag. Air flow in this device is exceptional and there is 0 chug when drawing air flow through the Mini Hydrator.
  • After taking a fine eye under magnifying glass I can attest to their claims: no bubble or clouds could be observed in the piece.
  • The hydrator sits firmly on its surface with no wobble, meaning the bottom dimensions are proportioned correctly.
  • One other thing to note is that the piece is not top heavy, when tilted over to a 30 degree angle the hydrator will tend to rest back on the bottom and not tip over.
  • Finally, let me comment on the end of the mouth stem itself. The widened spoon shape(where your mouth rests) is attached to the cylindrical tube making vapor draws easier, more natural, and steady.


  • It wouldn’t be an objective review if I didn’t mention some of the cheaper made knock-off’s, using similar design/appearance.
  • While at first glance these cheaper made devices look identical. User reviews have reported:
    • Disproportions in glass creating a wobble while at resting position.
    • Thinness in glass and resulting frailty or breakage.

 …only bummer is that while it was sitting on the carpet it was lightly tipped on its side and the mouth piece joint broke off.

      • The cheaper glass showed signs of “clouding” with a “milky” appearance.
      • Air bubbles were also present in the cheaper made glass.
    • To address the competition Vaporbrothers resigned their existing Mini and added the additional 2 holes in the percolator.

 “We’ve figured a way to do the cuts for as much as on the old model, and no increase in price.”

  • There are several videos online comparing the knock-off model and I would give them a watch so you can observe performance comparisons.


  • The Mini Hydrator is currently listed at $99.00 MSRP
  • The site offers free shipping (over $50) and I received my order by the third  business day.
  • Packaging was excellent delivered via USPS in one of their boxes. Enclosed in peanut packing was another Vaporbrothers box that contained the hydrator, inlaid with bubble wrap and recycled paper for extra cushioning.
  • For orders I recommend their official store:

Closing Statements:

  • If I had the money to spare and desired water filtration the Mini Hydrator is a hands down recommendation.
  • Even while priced competitively, I do think cost is still a limiting factor and given the steep competition offered from the knock-offs… I have would recommend this for a connoisseur than the novice.
  • An established vapist would appreciate the hydrator, but someone new to vaporizers may find greater benefit in the lower price point offered in a knock-off.
  • I like that the mini is small and somewhat portable and can see myself traveling with this piece.
  • Like all water filtration systems, it is a nice option but non essential. I’d recommend them for individuals seeking a smoother vape experience.

What’s in the box?:

  • 1 x Vaporbrothers Mini Hydrator with 14mm Female downstem (no removable parts).
  • 1 x H2O Water Adapter with 14mm male end.

To Our Viewers:

  • Do you own this hydrator? We would love to hear your thoughts on how it compares with some of the other glass you own.


  • Owners of one of the Infamous Knock-Offs brands, we would love to hear your thoughts. Was the money saved worth the piece or has there been subsequent buyers remorse?


  • Feel free to leave us any questions and we’ll be sure to get back to you!  Thanks for reading this edition.   -Tarzan
  • BigDogJunction

    Yeah, I own the Infamous. The one that named it, actually. The $40 Infamous is a knock-off, of the larger Precision Hydrator, with the removable mouthpiece. Its also slightly smaller in dimensions, than the real deal. Mine is the cleanest one I’ve seen and far as I know the only one still in one piece. They’ve redesigned it since.

    The original Mini had 5 cuts… 4 horizontal, then a single slit along the bottom. Water level required, is about twice what the new Mini is. The old Mini had quite a bit of chug. It literally shakes in your hand, while pulling on it, though being a small piece, its still low drag.

    VB approached me about a year ago, for ideas on redesigning the Mini. We couldn’t come to an agreement with the glass blowers, so it was left alone. A few months later, I made another video showing the original Mini up close and personal. They finally saw what I was talking about, when comparing with other pieces in my collection. The one they finally decided on, was from a render I did, with almost the exact same cuts.

    As for how it compares to other glass, VB is some of the cleanest Boro out there. As noted, you won’t find bubbles, nor cloudiness. Its tough stuff to. Thicker than most glass that size. A smooth hitting, even pull rig. I’d put it in my Top 5 (out of 17) at this point. I like it a lot.

    I’ve found cleaning is a breeze. After two days of dabs and vaporizer… 30 seconds with ISO swish… sparkling clean. Another consistent with VB glass.