Podcast Episode 5: Linus creator of the famous Vaporbrothers vaporizer talks about the history of making vaporizers


Current Vaporbrothers Custom Pink

Linus from Vaporbrothers joins us for a discussion on the history of vaporizers, the Vaporbrothers vaporizer, Dabbler, and much much more.

To the right you’ll find an example of the custom colors Vaporbrothers is looking to begin offering in the near future. The pink Vaporbrothers was created for a promotional giveaway.

Below are some of the custom painted classic (first generation) Vaporbrothers vaporizers with the completely vertical heating element.

Check out all the awesome products Vaporbrothers has to offer at their website here. When you’re ready to buy your very own Vaporbrothers vaporizer, Dabbler, or Hydrator, check out VaporWarehouse. Their Vaporbrothers vaporizer comes with a free carrying case (featured in our Vaporbrothers vaporizer review) as well as the best price for a Vaporbrothers vaporizer anywhere (best deal on a tabletop vaporizer PERIOD) if you manage to get your hands on a cosmetically blemished model.

Correction: I refer to this episode as episode 6 in the audio, this is actually episode 5.

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  • Gary Omicron Bay

    In sorry but the vape pen is not the first. I contest this with proof.

    Thc scientific been doing this since 2008 and I contest everything Linus from vapor brothers has said.

    I will go on the record and speak the truth.

    Contact me at thcscientific@gmail.com if you are interested.

    • King


      Thanks for your input. We aim to provide a platform where manufacturers can discuss the history of their company, vaporizers, products, and upcoming projects.

      Any concerns with the validity of Linus’s statements should be taken up directly with him. We’ll be happy to add an update for any corrections he’d like to make in light of your discussion with him.

      While I cannot invite you to join us on a podcast with the intention of discussing the Vape-Pen. I’d be happy to discuss the THC Scientific line of products with you. In fact, doubledip has some experience with the Omicron. But I’m not familiar enough to speak for him.

      • Gary Omicron Bay

        Sure we can discuss our products. I don’t have to discuss anyone else’s products but I can give you our account of the pen style vaporizer history.

        With history on the interwebs to back it up.

        • vaporbrothers

          That would be interesting, definitely. Gary makes badass product that is levels above the rest of the pen market. You can find his stuff on our site also. Anyway, we were going on what Vape-Pen described about how he came up with his first device. We’ve seen him around a long time; he’s a rather private citizen, an electrical engineer who seems to know the everything of what he makes. He puts his creation date before 2008 so I’ll let you guys work that one out. Looking forward to knowing more.